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 Disney's The Lion King Kids Rehearsal Schedule

Please note that March 14, 2018 is our final rehearsal!  The performance will be held on Friday, March 16, 2018 at 6:00 PM!!

Disney's The Lion King's Kids!
2017-2018 WHMS Musical Ensemble/ Drama Club Expectations


1. Be at every club meeting ready to work hard and be safe. Attendance is important. Excessive absences (more than three) will result in a student being asked to withdrawal from the show/club. 

2. Keep up with class work and homework.  Attending a club one day does not excuse you from homework due the next day on any WHMS fifth or sixth grade team.

3. Come to club meetings/rehearsals ready to follow directions and participate.  Student behavior guidelines are the same after school as they are during school.  Students will be accountable for the rules/guidelines outlined in the Capital Student Handbook. Students will be given a warning, however, it negative behavior continues, they will be asked to withdrawal from the show/club.

4. Treat your club mates and your advisors with the respect and courtesy we expect at WHMS.

5. Have fun!



1. Read all correspondence that comes from your child’s club advisors. Keep up with updates/changes to our schedule.  Please let the club advisor know if you have any updates/changes to your phone number, etc.

2. Be prompt when picking your child up from their clubs.  Advisors are volunteering their time and talents to provide this opportunity for the students.  Respect that they have families, too. Bussing may be available. Information will be provided.

3. Volunteer your time and talents, if possible. As we get closer to the performance date, we may need your help!  And, if you can help us fundraise, speak up! We operate on a tight budget. Contributions to the WHMS Musical are tax-deductible!

4. Contact your child’s club advisor with any questions or concerns.  Communication is paramount to success!

5. Have fun!

By signing, you give your child permission to participate in the drama club after school.

If you are interested in volunteering or assisting with the musical this year, please contact Mary Caligiure at .  Stay tuned for more information!
Disney's The Lion King Kids
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